astorSuite™ is well-designed in a modular fashion, each module can be used individually or combined to solve needs from enterprise clients in multiple areas. This can be integrated with existing third-party solutions and coupled with customised dashboards which will allow customers to elicit the maximum outcome while maintaining a competitive and flexible pricing model based on clients’ needs and budget.


Real-time monitoring and reporting

Support rapid emergency response

Enhance audio and visual access in challenging environments (i.e confined space)

Promote workforce safety culture

Restrospective analysis for safety improvement


Enhance decision making with clear data visualisation

Up-to-date project progress monitoring

Remote access through web and mobile applications

Improve processes through digitalization


Enhance workforce accountability

Minimize loss and replacement of assets

Improve work practice transparency

Reduce risk to data integrity


astorSafe™ delivers tailored disruptive innovation-based safety solutions across a host of industries with hazardous worksplaces. Our solutions enhance the reliability and efficiency of safety procedures and workplace environment. Through our integrated tracking and monitoring systems, astorSafe™ ensures real-time reflex capabilities on multiple platforms. astorSafe™ utilizes SafeSmart™ for increased efficiency.


Confined Space Monitoring
Digital Mustering
Remote Safety Management
Site Location Monitoring
Zone Access Control

astorTime™ provides managers with hassle-free time and project management tools that can be integrated with existing platforms. Our solutions equip clients with access and mobility while ensuring that your most valuable asset and time are well managed and economized.


Project Manhours Tracking
One-click Payroll Calculation
Advanced Work Policy Customization
On-site Job Allocation

astorWork™ aids in turnkey project management that allows you to manage each project from start to finish with solutions tailored to each project. The digital project documentation aspect of astorWork™ allows for seamless integration of each component of the project to give an accurate and real-time update.


Budget Tracking
Equipment Tracking
Precast and Prefabrication Management
Real-Time Project Updates

astorYard™ allows service providers to efficiently manage supply chain demands as well as equipment tracking. It also aids in supplier and budget management and provides the ability of ad-hoc budget augmentation to better manage the efficiency of each project.


Data Integration
Service Job Order Management
Lean Inventory Management
Job Performance Insights

SafeSmart™ is a proprietary device developed by Astoria Solutions to be used in conjunction with our range of solution within astorSuite™. Combing RFID and used with astorSuite™, this allows you to greatly improve the safety and accountability of your workforce and asset.

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