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Astoria Solutions is a fast expanding innovator using cloud technology and “Disruptive Innovation” concepts to transform safety, accountability and productivity in the business of our clients in the Marine, Oil & Gas and Construction verticals. Working with us means being exposed to a fast paced and exciting environment where each...


Value Propositions

As global oil & gas extractions push into ever deeper waters and more hostile environments, projects and equipment become more complex and require a higher level of collaboration, accountability and risk management.

Our Solutions offer real time operational visibility anytime anywhere. In projects with different players at different levels one ideally comes to a ‘Consortium Model’ whereby each part of the value chain is back- and forward integrated to raise efficiency and traceability. We address both the integration of production processes and management of contractors.

Astoria Solutions also offers IT automation to capture data at source for analysis (e.g. workers onboard vessel), to empower safety, security and accountability in operations. This data can be tabulated back  into the ‘Consortium Model’ as an actual base for benchmarking and performance ranking.