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Innovation promises big productivity boost for Offshore & Marine (, Singapore, 27 Apr 2010) On 27th April 2010 Astoria Consulting Pte Ltd will launch “AstorPlan”, a technology that promises big productivity boosts for shipyards and their marine sub-contractors by allowing better optimization of the planning and deployment of critical resources. This...

Success Stories

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Astoria’s solutions are award-winning solutions that combine RFID, sensor-to-cloud technology and software, to automate manpower tracking and provide actionable, real-time information about the number, location and status of all workforce on multiple worksites, anytime, anywhere.

Hear from our clients how Astoria’s solutions have enhanced safety and accountability at their work sites, and significantly improved their operations and efficiencies.


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Revolutionising the Marine Industry


Worker time management is one of the greatest pain points of many companies in the marine industry. A Marine Engineering Company based in Singapore, with a total workforce of more than 1,200 workers, used astorTimeTM and biometric handheld devices to solve this problem.

The company made use of Astoria’s automated data collection system, synchronising data to multiple devices, accessible anytime, anywhere, and moved away from the traditionally error-prone time-intensive manual labour cost computation. Today, the company takes only 20% of the time to complete the same task and more.

Savings of Almost $100K p.a. through Automation


A major scaffolding contractor in Singapore’s marine industry, with operations in 8 shipyards, had to hire 7 staff just to process the hundreds of hardcopy worksheets from various site offices, and could take up to 1 month to produce management reports.

The company saved almost $100,000 per annum through process re-design and automation using astorTimeTM. Today, the company only needs 2 staff to manage all its paperwork, freeing up its staff for other revenue-generating work.

Greater Visibility and Control over Project Budgets


A leading Dubai-based ship repair company determined top 3 challenges that they were facing while catering to the complex needs of the marine, offshore, ship repair, ship building and ship conversion industry – which have led them to Astoria Solutions:

  1. Lack of clarity on the relative health of project budgets from delayed man-hour consumption collation, leading to cost overruns and post-completion firefighting;
  2. Multiple records of similar information being maintained at the same time in a manual paper based system, leading to errors and duplication of efforts;
  3. A non-centralised system for maintaining project and labour hours, causing duplication of administration and back office work.

astorTime™ has enabled them to become more streamlined and organised in their work processes and allows the management to obtain live information on the health of project budgets, enabling preventive measures to be implemented before it is too late and avoiding costly overruns.

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