SiTF Award for SafeSmart™

Astoria Solutions receives SiTF Award for Cloud Solutions for SafeSmart™, for its ability to empower international oil and gas enterprises in the safety, security and accountability of their workforce....


Real Time Information on Workforce in the Marine, Oil & Gas and Construction Industries

  • Do you have instant access to info on the whereabouts of your workers?

  • During an emergency, do you know on a real-time basis whether all your workers have evacuated a particular zone?

  • Do you wish to automate the collection of project labor costing information?

  • Do you encounter inaccuracies in accounting for your workers?

SafeSmart™ combines RFID, sensor-to-cloud and software to pin-point the number and location of your workers in real time in an unobtrusive way. In combination with our state-of-the-art cloud based solutions, it will drastically improve the safety and accountability of your workforce.