SiTF Award for SafeSmart™

Astoria Solutions receives SiTF Award for Cloud Solutions for SafeSmart™, for its ability to empower international oil and gas enterprises in the safety, security and accountability of their workforce....

Features & Benefits


Accurate Project Costing at your fingertips

The actual costs of project implementation can be derived automatically from expenditures in the areas of material purchase, inventory, contractors and labor; The actual costs are measured against budgetary targets to provide cost performance data at the project or sub code level.

Manage Project Documentation easily

astorYard™ is a structured, yet flexible system to handle the entire project management process; from tracking the work scope (even verbal and urgent orders), quotations, delivery orders, to the billing stage.

Emulates how Marine Projects are currently managed

astorYard™ “job docket” based project management concept closely emulates the way in which projects are organized and managed in the Marine Industry. It reduces the users’ learning curve and promotes faster adaptation to the system.

Centralized Project Documentation Repository

The job docket also functions as a centralized file repository, where files, photographs and scanned documents can be consolidated and organized. No more missing files and unnecessary time spent in searching for them.

Material and Inventory Management built for the Marine Industry

The Material and Inventory Management modules are tightly integrated with the Project Management module to offer updated project costing performance information. Other marine-specific features include:

  • System checks the available inventory for material requisition to prevent unnecessary procurement.
  • Automated checks and requisition for marine consumable items to maintain healthy inventory levels that ensure minimal interruptions to project delivery.
  • Used parts (like steel plates and pipes) can be tracked for the remaining dimensions to allow re-use in future. Project costing is derived from actual material consumption which leads to more accurate cost performance tracking.

Enhance with astorJob™ – Job Management On-The-Go

astorJob™ module offers job management on-the-go enabling you to manage jobs and allocation of resources on smart devices at any location, any time.