SiTF Award for SafeSmart™

Astoria Solutions receives SiTF Award for Cloud Solutions for SafeSmart™, for its ability to empower international oil and gas enterprises in the safety, security and accountability of their workforce....

astorTime™ with Enhanced iSPRINT Funding

astorTime™ solution is one of the software listed under iSPRINT (Packaged Solutions). SMEs can claim up to 70% of the qualifying costs, capped at $20,000 for the purchase of the first packaged solution (listed) under each solution category. (This is subjected to fulfilling the SME eligibility criteria and the availability of funds).

For more information on iSPRINT packaged solutions, please log on to

Eligible SMEs need to pay Astoria Solutions only 30% of the qualifying cost, while IDA will reimburse the support directly to Astoria Solutions.

Here are the details of the packed solution.