SiTF Award for SafeSmart™

Astoria Solutions receives SiTF Award for Cloud Solutions for SafeSmart™, for its ability to empower international oil and gas enterprises in the safety, security and accountability of their workforce....

Features & Benefits

Real-time location and safety information

Building on the SafeSmart™ RFID tracking  solution, astorSafe™ enables instant headcount identification, location tracking, and immediate situational awareness, thereby enhancing safety and security. A 30-fold improvement in time (30 min -> 1 min) in accounting for workforce during emergencies can be attained with astorSafe™.

Cloud based system facilitates rapid global deploymentof solution to cross-geography locations

astorSafe™ leverages on cloud computing technology which relieves you of server purchase and maintenance. More importantly, it facilitates deployment of astorSafe™ across disparate geographical locations.

Instant data anywhere, anytime

astorSafe™ is developed to be made available on a myriad of devices. This means you will have immediate access to your workers’ location and receive useful alerts on your laptops or mobile devices 24/7.

Accurate Project-Labor Accountability and Costing

In addition to safeguarding workers, manpower and time spent on each job can be monitored closely. Project’s labor cost is computed and instantly available to project managers.

Project Progress Tracking

astorSafe™ can intelligently track the project progress based on labor hours. Based on manpower loading and actual man-hours recorded, astorSafe™ can generate a project’s S-curve, an important project management tool that allows the project’s progress to be tracked visually over time.